AKU supported 30 desktop computers for ICT education purpose

AKU provided 30 desktop computers as a support for Humera Secondary School students for ICT education purpose.

AKU’s academic affairs Acting Vice president G/Medhin Mezgebe (PhD) expressed that AKU has been supporting Humera students by providing education and training. “This desktop computer support also may not be enough, but it may solve shortage of computers in the School and AKU has a plan to continue such kind of support in the future.” He added.

Humera town’s Head of education bureau Ato Berhane G/Aregawi stated that AKU has been helping students by providing educational training on mathematics, English and Science since 2007 E.C. In addition, he extended his appreciation for the support.

W/ro Kidist H/Selassie, director for Humera Secondary School, on her part forward her gratitude to AKU while receiving the 30 desktop computers support. She stated that currently 1,700 students are in the school but the school had only 15 computers. “Students were facing shortages of computers, but now AKU has supported us 30 desktop computers and the problem will be solved.” She added.

The School director added that AKU has been offering training to Humera town women about life skill and training for special need people as well. In addition to this the university helped the Humera School by providing green boards and chairs. AKU is now offering masters and degree programs in Humera, but in order to provide education better, AKU should open its branch in Humera.

Parents of the students have extended their gratitude to AKU for providing the support. They also suggested that this kind of support should continue. Invited guests from different offices have attended the program.

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