Social Sciences and Language

About the College: Social sciences and Languages is one of the Colleges in the university which is labeled as the indispensible and a vital host for both under and post graduates. .It started its work with 6 departments and few instructors by1999E.C. Fortunately, with the expansion of the university, its capacity has increased currently to a total of 150 instructors and 1750 under and post graduate students in both regular and summer programs. The college has been actively involved in the teaching and learning process and has produced significant number of graduates. Involvements in community services, consultancy services, short term trainings, and researches are also a paramount contribution by the college.  Now, there are senior with high caliber staff frequently updating themselves with the importance scientific scenario so that enabling the student competent with knowledge, skill and attitude.  Having large mandate area and growing demand for graduate studies four out of the 7 departments have post graduate curriculums. In turn this is leading to increasing involvement in research, training, and community services, and staff capacity development.

To achieve the three core objectives i.e. teaching learning, research and community service , the college has the departments, research and community service, quality assurance officer, and college administrator.

Departments under the College

Under graduate Programs

Post graduate Programs