Mr. Park Il, Minister-Counsellor and Korean embassy staffs visit Aksum University


Mr. Park Il, Minister- Mr. Park Il, Minister-Counsellor with the embassy staffs make  one day visit to Aksum University. The delegate hosts: Mr. Park Il, Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission, Ms. Choi Eunji, Assistant to Cultural Affairs, Ms. Hyejeon Lee, Project Coordinator and Researcher and Mr. Kim Junsu, KOICA Deputy Director.

The delegate delivered a special lecture about Ethiopia and Korea at Aksum University which was presented by Mr. Park Il.100 students and including the top management attended it. The delegate also invited them the famous Korean film which is called ’a Hard Day’’ This film is highly recognized all over the world. In addition to this, the delegate gave a gift to people who watched the film and attended the lecture.

Furthermore, the delegate had a short meeting with top management and discussed about culture, the potential opportunity that can help to build a relation between a Korean university and Ethiopian University