Department of textile engineering is one of the promising academic unites of Aksum university under the College of engineering and technology.  The department is established in 2005 E.C accepting about 120 under graduate students in Textile engineering programme, preparing the first batch to graduate in 2009 E.C. 

Considering the importance of the role of textile, garment and fashion design sector to the economic well-being and industrialization of Ethiopia and the policy of Government of Ethiopia to upgrade the programme into textile institute to achieve the mission of being northern development corridor in textile sector, a new textile campus in Adwa town is under construction. The department is under preparation to open Garment engineering programme in 2010 and Fashion Engineering in 2011 E.C.  Generally the department has a plan to start the programs of Leather Engineering, Industrial engineering and Chemical Engineering on the near future.

  • Staff profile
  • (1) PhD holder : specialized in textile engineering (M.Sc.)  and  industrial economics (PhD)
  • (4) M.SC. holders: (2) specialized in textile Engineering, (2) specialized in textile chemistry
  • (9) B.Sc. holders
  • (4) on study for master programme
  •  (3) Lab Technicians
  • (4) Expatriates: one of them is a PhD holder
  • The participation of female staff is at 24%, i.e. five of the Ethiopian staffs are female.