Ethics and Ant-Corruption


Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate is one of the Directorates at Aksum University. The office was established in 2003 E.C. as Ethics Liaison Unit led by only one employee (Ato Leul Weldearegay). However due to strong commitment of Aksum University to fight against corruption and the belief that, efforts exerted on expanding ethics and anti-corruption education in the university will with no doubt, contribute remarkable role to the national campaign against corruption it has been tried to strengthen the office in many dimensions.

During its ten years of work the university has able to own three campuses. Hence, as the  result of this fast development and the direction of Federal Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission several re-organizations has been made to fulfill the necessary structure. Currently, the directorate is coordinating activities related to ethics and anti-corruption of all campuses. Vision:

By providing quality, timely and professional legal services, our directorate will become a model directorate for the Ethiopian universities legal service directorates.


By 2012 E.C. to become one of the best performing anti-corruption institutions in Ethiopia, through minimizing corruption to the level where it cannot become an obstacle to Good Governance at Aksum University. 


To ensure transparency and accountability at Aksum University by exposing corruption offences and other improprieties via promoting ethics education. 


  • Serving as an ethical model
  • Participation of the community in the fight against corruption
  • Building an ethical university community..

Salient objectives:

  1. To create an aware community where corruption will not tolerate by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education.
  2. To prevent corruption offences and other impropriety;

Staff members: